About Accelerator’s New Look…

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You may have noticed that Accelerator has a fresh new look!  But before we
can tell you why, we have to tell you how we’ve gotten where we are today.

It’s been over six years since the Accelerator Companies launched out amidst
the devolution of the traditional ad agency models.  Where big media once
dominated, new channels of reaching people opened.  Clients split duties of
creative, planning, and media, causing the slow, dinosaur agencies to watch
their accounts vanish before their eyes.  Suddenly, the new guys on the
block, like Accelerator, were capable of out-running, out-pacing, out-thinking,
and most of all, out-creating these advertising giants.

It was scary for us at first.  Starting a new agency meant starting from
scratch.  No clients.  No capital.  Not even a coffee maker to brew a cup of
inspiration. But we knew that by listening, instead of frantically doing,
our new agency would become something unique and valued in the marketplace.

To that end, we set up a series of interviews with lead corporate marketing
pros to research and to let vent their frustrations — frustrations
specifically regarding failures and disappointments that their world-class
clients faced when dealing with the traditional agency model.

After hearing their many hair-raising stories and taking note of their sage
advice, Accelerator set out to create something that had never existed
before: an agency without account executives, layers of V.P.’s, and endless
stacks of paperwork.  And if you can imagine, an agency without egos (which
is why there are no individuals singled out in our marketing materials,
websites, or any place else)!

Gone were the account executives that merely took orders.  We brought on
clever, innovative, and problem-solving PEOPLE who had ideas and who would
contribute to making the project successful. These versatile heroes were, and
remain to be, recruited from outside the normal channels.  By choosing to
value life experience, idea generation, and empathy for the client instead
of book smarts, Accelerator and its clients benefit from people who are
proven to be streetsmart, quick to learn, and incredibly insightful and

Our Creative Service teams replaced the old way of one key contact per
client. Instead, we integrated creative and account people, who would work
together, and would –gasp–  meet the client together.  This flat,
streamlined model proved to be more efficient, allowed the client to address
both business and creative concerns in one meeting, and best of all,
inspired new thinking. Better yet, it provided the shot of enthusiasm that
clients need in the middle of a dreary day.

Traditional office space was replaced with open studios featuring huge,
opening bay doors to let the sunshine in.  A focus on the work instead of
fancy furniture and gleaming atriums allowed, and still allows us, to keep
our outlays low, resulting in lower fees for clients (and many repeat
projects for us).

Our work patterns were changed as well.  This was all thanks to the new,
streamlined model and new ways of project management and open communication
that were developed to provide fast, accurate turn-around that, in the end,
would save clients money.  Not to mention our results-driven philosophy
that ensures that our projects boost the bottom-line and move the

These and many other innovative changes have and are proudly making
Accelerator the fastest-growing ad agency in the Midwest.  And we’re just
getting started…

Accelerator is again proving to be a game-changer by focusing on brand and
retailer collaboration, consumer engagement and exchange, and partnerships
with clients. Our focus is to grow beyond a service provider and to become
an integral part of our client’s marketing and business practice. We wish to
challenge their thinking and bring them unheard-of solutions thanks to our
Pure Idea problem-solving.

So, why the new look? To continue the momentum, and reflect the bright
future for our clients and ourselves, Accelerator is rolling out a fresh,
new, visual look that is open and airy, free-thinking, and mirrors our
open-minded approach. It is a look and mind-set that will continue to
effectively produce winning creative, strategy and execution time and again.

When we launched Accelerator, we created the agency of the future. And now,
our vision for the next future is bolder than ever. Our new look reflects
that. And our new thinking, Pure Ideas, and fresh new approaches all
represent our total commitment to our client’s better bottom-line today,
tomorrow, and well into the future.

Author: Mr. Timo Matero, CEO and Director, Accelerator Advertising, Inc.