Finding and launching THE IDEA

If you’re a marketer there’s possibly one time and one time only in your entire career when THE IDEA will come into your life. You know – THE IDEA that will put game-changing points on the board, move the needle, and make your career.

You know the kind of idea I’m talking about – the kind of fresh, share-stealing, eye-popping idea that makes everyone in your department, division, company and industry stand slack-jawed in AWE and enviously murmur in their minds, “I wish I would have thought of THAT.”

I am talking about the kind of idea that puts YOU on the map, lets you write your own ticket, and helps you make your career. Success as you’ve known it to be will pale in comparison to the success you know when THE IDEA is put into action on your brand. This IDEA is so big it will require its own special budget, which they will give you… willingly.

If you’ve experienced THE IDEA, you know to what I’m referring. If you haven’t, then you’re probably sitting in your chair wondering how to go about getting your very own IDEA.

Here’s how.

1. Be prepared. Know your market. Know your brand. Read all you can about the market you’re operating in. Follow trade journals, read press releases, go to conventions, know your market inside out. Then study the impact your brand has on that market.

2. Become your target. Shop where she shops. Dine where she dines. Read what she reads. Watch the programs she watches. Soon enough you will see opportunities to connect with her in ways you’ve never thought possible, and ways to improve your product for her no one else has imagined.

3. Be open to new ideas. If your agency strategist recommends an unproven path, consider it. If a cabbie tells you he thinks he has an idea for a better widget, listen to him. Great ideas come from everywhere if you’re willing to listen. Remember, you’re only an expert in your market – not in everything.

4. Be ready to capture all of your thoughts on a notepad, PDA, voice recorder, napkin, whatever. Often THE IDEA won’t appear all once, but in small parts and pieces.

Congratulations! THE IDEA is on its way!

OK, so what happens now? When THE IDEA comes, don’t tell anyone right away! Of course you’re excited. It’s THE IDEA, after all. You’re pumped. You’re jazzed. But now is not the time to disclose THE IDEA. You first must explore it further. Study it. Try to sink it.

Get your facts down, understand the barriers and the rewards of THE IDEA. This is no time for team sharing, committees, or allowing glory-grabbing upperclassmen to steal it away from you. This is the time to keep quiet and document your progress every step of the way.

After that, make THE IDEA presentable. Make it into a formal business case. When you are ready to announce it, THE IDEA should be solid, comprehensive, well thought out… and yours.

Ready to make your mark on the world now? THE IDEA is out there waiting for you – now go get it!

Author: Mr. Timo Matero, Founder and Director, Accelerator Advertising, Inc.