The Snuggie: Successful Marketing 101



Wake up marketers! It’s a world where the inmates run the asylum and you’d better learn how they do it! For decades now, marketers and brands have enjoyed the power to craft their messages and dictate how consumers should view their products. One need only to do a quick Google search for, “The Snuggie” to see how consumer driven content can benefit or damage your marketing efforts.

The Snuggie has been embraced, and become a part of popular culture with YouTube videos, blogs, and viral content all driven by popular demand. It’s this wave of new media frenzy that can either catch a brand (or product) and propel it to lofty sales record heights or bring it down to be dashed on the rocks unmercifully. As marketers, we need to watch, listen and learn from the successes and failures of trying to influence the new media marketplace. That is, learn the best ways to embrace it, as did Mentos, or when to reject it, such as Sony’s SCEA fiasco.

There are plenty of great resources out there to get you up to speed. But if you ask me, you’ll be better off sitting on your couch, (wrapped in a Snuggie) as you browse the popular social mediums and learn by observation before you head forth into this vast new world.

Author: Mr. Timo Matero, Founder and Director, Accelerator Advertising, Inc.