Don’t Just Engage Your Fans, Motivate Them!

You’ve done what everyone’s told you to do. You’ve gotten your Facebook fan page up and running. You’ve got your Twitter, tweeting. And you’ve even got followers and likes-a-plenty. Now what?

If you’re like other socially savvy marketing folks, you’re putting up timely information about your products, causes, and promotions. You’re listening for customer complaints and helping to turn grumblers into ambassadors. Basically you’re keeping busy but haven’t yet found a way turn social media into something that will contribute to your revenue stream.
Revenue is something most social media efforts are missing. Why? I can tell you what it may be…motivation.

Getting your followers and likes to actually DO something that will build your business. Testing the personal relationship you’ve made with them and motivating them to take the next step to buy or try your products and services.

It’s a lesson every small business owner from a dry cleaner to a pizza shop learns about motivating customers early on, something they don’t teach at the Snootington College of Business, and that is , ” WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS and PLEASE TRY OUR OTHER OFFERINGS”. Marketers get so caught up in devising ways to “go viral” from sweepstakes, to group deals, to hash tag contests, they forget the simple, pure power of simply asking people politely to “Buy something from us…”

I know. Social media conventional wisdom says you’re not supposed to be pushy. You’re not supposed to sell in social media or you’ll turn your base off. But I say, if you have a true relationship with your social followers, they will appreciate and respond to a sales invitation, provided you don’t do over repeat it or it isn’t relevant to their lifestyle.

Ask your followers to buy or try something in a polite, friendly way. You will be amazed at the results! Oh, and if you appreicate sound advice like you’re reading today, Please call or email us for a consultation. We would love to work for you. Thanks!

Author: Timo Matero, CEO, The Accelerator Companies