Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Economy Is Scary Now, But You Can’t Live In Fear.

Wow. I hate to be the glass is half-empty kind of guy, but the economic numbers and outlooks aren’t getting any better out there and probably won’t improve for the rest of the year. Spooky, huh?

But like we’ve been counseling our clients, now is THE BEST time to get your marketing message out there. Here’s a few reasons:

1. There’s all sorts of media bargains to be had. Marketers have trimmed budgets. And now the media outlets, especially traditional ones are starving and willing to provide huge discounts.

2. There’s less advertising going on overall. That means your message can be heard and remembered without needing much frequency. You can spend less, and be heard more! What a bargain!

3. Creativity doesn’t end at the designer or writer’s desk. Our agency is busy helping clients discover new ways of reaching people everyday. If you haven’t had a good marketing audit and review lately, chances are you’re missing out on some really great tactics that don’t cost much, but bring heaps of results.

I like to say, “You can’t live in fear.”

And you know what, you can’t successfully market your business in fear either. Here’s where you take the first step. Call us or email us and we can set a time to discuss Accelerator performing a painless marketing audit and review on your current efforts. From there, we can recommend some great ways to take advantage of today’s current climate.

Next up: Don’t be afraid of the future. Shape it!

 Written by: Timo Matero, Primary Founder / CEO Accelerator Advertising, Inc.