It’s Major Award Season!

When holiday decorations appear and jingle-bells jangle, you know it’s time to celebrate winning Major Awards! And here at Accelerator, we’ve got plenty of them to make the old man proud.

Our talented writers, designers, and promotion freaks have done a fine job of gathering national attention and recognition for outstanding creative work. (To see the whole list of Major Awards, click here.)

But like we always say, “Awards are nice but we’re paid for results!” And results are what our clients get each and every time we roll out a new campaign or promotion.

Thanks to our great clients from White Castle, Hoover, Dirt Devil, MGA Entertainment and more, for allowing us the opportunity to do great work! If you’re not a client of ours yet, let’s talk. Who knows? Maybe your project will win a Major Award too.

From all of us here at Accelerator, Happy Major Award Season!

Written by: Timo Matero, Primary Founder / CEO Accelerator Advertising, Inc.