7 Choice Funny Objections

In our business of providing marketing and advertising services, we hear perplexing and often humorous objections to engaging our firm.  Enjoy!

1. Creativity is over-rated.  Who cares if my materials are boring?

2. We have resources for that type of work.  Jeremy in shipping has a girlfriend who does tattoos, she said she would do our new logo for free.

3. Business is bad right now.  Why advertise?

4. I don’t have any marketing needs at all… fully stocked up on business cards.

5. The TV and radio stations and phone directory said they would do my ad for FREE.

6. I have all the business I can handle, and I am making enough money already, thank you very much.

7. I am not convinced advertising works.  I am going to stop advertising and see what happens.

Well there you have it, seven choice objections for not hiring our firm.  But if you ARE interested (and you SHOULD be) here’s three reasons to hire us.

1. We’re expert at making you look good, saving you stress, and making you money.

2. We will work our butts off for you.  We love what we do, and you will benefit from our addiction to coming up with creative ideas. Lucky you!

3. Our creativity shines through to the bottom line. Good ideas don’t have to be expensive.  Our office is humble, our salaries miniscule, but our creative quotient is massive.  Let us estimate on a project and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how cost effective we are.  Contact us today!

Written by: Timo Matero, Primary Founder / CEO Accelerator Advertising, Inc.

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