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The Snuggie: Successful Marketing 101



Wake up marketers! It’s a world where the inmates run the asylum and you’d better learn how they do it! For decades now, marketers and brands have enjoyed the power to craft their messages and dictate how consumers should view their products. One need only to do a quick Google search for, “The Snuggie” to see how consumer driven content can benefit or damage your marketing efforts.
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It’s 10 p.m. on Saturday night. Do you know where your shopper is?

You have no excuse not to with today’s dramatically informative market research methods, which encompass everything from old school surveys to secret-agent-caliber equipment. The market is changing, and market research methods are changing right along with it. They are evolving into increasingly shopper-focused, in-store-oriented techniques… because at-retail is the new mass medium.
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What Happened in Vegas… Should Happen to You

2008 In-store Marketing Expo

You’d certainly expect to see some exciting sights in America’s playground, and the At-Retail Team here at Accelerator did just that in Las Vegas this past week. We couldn’t have been more enthralled by what we encountered at the 2008 In-store Marketing Expo: groundbreaking research, true innovation, and the chance to spend some quality time at the feet of the store honchos from Walmart and Kroger.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be paying out the jackpots of information we’ve won for our clients. We’ll share insights on merchandising trends, innovative materials, and substantive research that is changing the ways marketers develop products and the ways retailers will sell them.

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About Accelerator’s New Look…

Accelerator Logo

You may have noticed that Accelerator has a fresh new look!  But before we
can tell you why, we have to tell you how we’ve gotten where we are today.

It’s been over six years since the Accelerator Companies launched out amidst
the devolution of the traditional ad agency models.  Where big media once
dominated, new channels of reaching people opened.  Clients split duties of
creative, planning, and media, causing the slow, dinosaur agencies to watch
their accounts vanish before their eyes.  Suddenly, the new guys on the
block, like Accelerator, were capable of out-running, out-pacing, out-thinking,
and most of all, out-creating these advertising giants.

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